Chasing Silver Again Because Oops It Got Away

Chasing Silver Sunset 2

OLN still loves Chasing Silver and has scheduled more broadcasts in May and June.

  • Sunday 05/21, 12pm EST
  • Friday 05/26, 8:30am EST
  • Sunday 05/28, 12pm EST
  • Friday 06/02, 8:30am EST
  • Sunday 06/04, 12pm EST
  • Friday 06/09, 11:30pm EST
  • Sunday 06/11, 12pm EST
  • Friday 06/16, 8:30am EST

Flash videos

I still have yet to start a YouTube account, but I’ve added some of my scoring samples to the Videos section of my MySpace account. The content is the same as what you’ll find on this site, but the clips are stuffed inside some sort of stream-happy flashamadoodle in case you don’t want to download the files hosted here.

Finally Caught The Silver

Chasing Silver Hats

At long last, here’s the opening sequence from Chasing Silver.

Chasing More Silver

Chasing Silver Stormy

Chasing Silver got extremely high ratings when it was shown on the Outdoor Life Network in February. As a result, they are going to move it to primetime in March and have also signed on to show it through April and May. Here’s the new schedule:


  • Thursday 03/30, 10pm EST
  • Thursday 03/30, 10:30pm EST


  • Sunday 04/23, 12pm EST
  • Friday 04/28, 8:30am EST
  • Sunday 04/30, 12pm EST
  • Friday 05/12, 8:30am EST
  • Sunday 05/14, 12pm EST
  • Friday 05/19, 8:30am EST

Chasing Silver on OLN

Chasing Silver Sunset

Chasing Silver, a fishing documentary for which I wrote some music (specifically, the opening theme), will be shown on the Outdoor Life Network in February, split into four installments.

Where else but downtown?

I’m still working out the details of the video clips, but the latest in the slow trickle of uploads should help put you in the Christmas spirit — it’s a seasonal TV ad for the Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville.

Rocking the Adrenaline Project


“Forest Fire,” a film by three local filmmakers for which I wrote some music, just took second place in two of the three categories at the 2005 Virginia Film Festival‘s Adrenaline Project, a blitzkrieg movie-making competition where the films are all scripted, written, and edited over the course of one weekend.

Stimuli clip

I am still waiting for my horde of video clips, but in the meantime, keep yourself amused with Stimuli. This was the very first scoring project I did, an independent film by my good friend Ian.

[Update, 03/01/09: Ian wisely took photos during those sessions, and I’ve taken it upon myself to repost a couple of them here.]

Stimuli Sessions 1 Stimuli Sessions 2