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The article about Greg Howard which I wrote for KyndMusic continues to rampage across the internet like a digital Kong: it was their most popular article of 2005.

Stimuli clip

I am still waiting for my horde of video clips, but in the meantime, keep yourself amused with Stimuli. This was the very first scoring project I did, an independent film by my good friend Ian.

[Update, 03/01/09: Ian wisely took photos during those sessions, and I’ve taken it upon myself to repost a couple of them here.]

Stimuli Sessions 1 Stimuli Sessions 2

Interview article with Greg Howard

Greg Howard

I missed the boat as far as updating this to include the interview with Chapman Stick player Greg Howard which I wrote for KyndMusic, but an email I just got from Big Boss Man Dave gives me a good reason to revisit it: as it turns out, that was their most popular article of the entire summer! We beat out Bonnaroo, the North Mississippi All-Stars (take that, Red Light!) and Victor Wooten, among others.