Concert For Virginia Tech


PopMatters seems to think this is a concert review, but I’m not so sure. Judge for yourself.

Syncopated mind games culminated during “#41”, when opener John Mayer turned up for his guest spot with staccato blues-guitar runs that answered each dotted sixteenth note in kind. In what I thought was bound to be the emotional climax of the evening, Mayer closed his solo by echoing the central sax riff, then stepped up to the mic and sang harmonies for each note, eyes wide and head shaking as if to convey his dismay at the circumstances that had brought him there. I was wrong: DMB was about to up the ante.


DMB update

Dave Matthews Band

Well, the material in question has been pulled from the DMB web site — probably because The Hook decided to put that little blog news blurb into last week’s print issue.

The DMB stamp of approval (so to speak)

The Hamburglar

In what I suppose might be construed as the latest good news in my continued feeble attempts at building a writing career, I’ve been plagiarized by the Dave Matthews Band. It appears that they decided to flesh out their overview of the local music scene using an article I wrote for The Hook way back in 2005.