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Bagpipe Buskers

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

The latest round of my busker field recording project Cast In Concrete features Scottish Octopus, a duo that combines bagpipes and drums.

Bagpipes are a deceptively powerful instrument, which you may not realize until you’ve heard them from a few feet away and/or had them overload your mics, but that also means they’re a fine counterweight for a drum kit. Combining them, at least in the manner these two do, also creates a strangely compelling time travel sensation, because although the pipes are well outside the comfort zone for most of the people who are going to end up reading this, a drummer like Morales can propel them along into something that could pass for modern, at least enough to survive outside period pieces and dramatized police funerals on Law & Order.


A Ceremony of Carols: Ein Kranz von Lobechören. op. 28. Kinderchor (Frauenchor oder gemischter Chor) und Harfe (Klavier). Harfe.
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Kriegswesen und Kriegskunst der schweizerischen Eidgenossen im XIV., XV. und XVI. Jahrhundert: Reprint von 1873 (Hardcover-Ausgabe)

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