Where else but downtown?

I’m still working out the details of the video clips, but the latest in the slow trickle of uploads should help put you in the Christmas spirit — it’s a seasonal TV ad for the Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville.

Rocking the Adrenaline Project


“Forest Fire,” a film by three local filmmakers for which I wrote some music, just took second place in two of the three categories at the 2005 Virginia Film Festival‘s Adrenaline Project, a blitzkrieg movie-making competition where the films are all scripted, written, and edited over the course of one weekend.

Stimuli clip

I am still waiting for my horde of video clips, but in the meantime, keep yourself amused with Stimuli. This was the very first scoring project I did, an independent film by my good friend Ian.

[Update, 03/01/09: Ian wisely took photos during those sessions, and I’ve taken it upon myself to repost a couple of them here.]

Stimuli Sessions 1

Stimuli Sessions 2

Interview article with Greg Howard

Greg Howard

I missed the boat as far as updating this to include the interview with Chapman Stick player Greg Howard which I wrote for KyndMusic, but an email I just got from Big Boss Man Dave gives me a good reason to revisit it: as it turns out, that was their most popular article of the entire summer! We beat out Bonnaroo, the North Mississippi All-Stars (take that, Red Light!) and Victor Wooten, among others.

Identity crisis

My fly new net stylings = awesome.

Spending my Saturday nights working on them = less awesome.

Annual music issue


The Hook’s annual music issue hits today. Go get it. (Also available in the real world.)

New gig

Alright. Finally we’re live with this mammajamma.

I am now the music editor at The Hook. The annual music issue drops on Thursday. Talk about a trial by fire. Yeesh.